Home Cooking Classes

We are proud owners of the 5-star Grosvenor Hotel in Liverpool, which is part of The Grosvenor Group and is managed by The Walsh family. The Grosvenor Hotel is also a favourite destination for celebrities and business travellers, with its well-stocked bar, restaurant and bar crawl, which is held every Sunday. The property has a total of 30,000 sq ft and offers guests accommodation in the most attractive of rooms, including their own private lawns.

We’re the B&B, a boutique hotel that caters to the needs of any traveller looking for a simple, convenient, and ultimate experience. We’re not fancy, we don’t pretend to be anything, but we’re an affordable, comfortable, and modern hotel for the traveller, and that’s all we want. Our family and friends are regulars, and we want to make sure they stay long-term, and have lots of fun while they do it.


Highlights of the Cooking Class

Duration: 3:30 hours (Starting hour: 6:30pm; Ending hour: 10pm – estimated)
Availability: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays
Highlights: Preparation of a traditional Nigerian meal and Dinner (Palm wine included)
Location/Meeting place: Naija Cooking School
Language: English
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