Our bakery’s name is a nod to the work that goes into making the biscuits we then fry in the oven. All the best ingredients are sourced from local suppliers. We also bake our own bread and cakes and use only the best, natural, seasonal ingredients. Our biscuits are made with the finest flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Our brioche is made with whole wheat flour, the same ingredients we use to make our bread. We use hand-pattied butter for the soft centres that keep the flavour of the biscuits from changing.

Our mission is simple; to serve you well, from the moment you enter our doors to the moment you leave. We want you to enjoy our beer garden, and our food, and our atmosphere is relaxed, inviting and welcoming for our customers. We offer a great selection of small plates, such as seafood and chicken, and the likes of our famous oyster doughnuts, served with a drizzle of our delicious, homemade, house made vinegar ice cream!